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There are many gardens in the vicinity and throughout the surrounding areas and each one could not be any more different. From wildly romantic, strictly geometrical, experimental or according to the teachings of a medieval monastery, as inspiration or as a soothing salve for the soul: find your favourite place.

The Rose Garden Zweibrücken

On over 50,000 square meters, you will find 60,000 roses in over 2,000 varieties from all over the world. All presented in a stylishly designed environment consisting of trees, plants, ponds and pools.

Wild Rose Garden

On the grounds of the grand-ducal park Fasanerie, the Wild Rose Garden can be found opposite the Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie. Here you can find wild, park and shrub roses in almost 2,000 species and varieties which have been specially collected and cultivated for the Wild Rose Garden.

The Monastery Garden in Hornbach

As a precursor to the baroque garden, the monastery gardens were designed and cultivated throughout the Middle Ages. In the former Benedictine Monastery in Hornbach, this garden was reconstructed in accordance with the teachings of the famous Botanist Hieronymus Bock.

The Karlslust Garden on the Karlsberg in Homburg

The origins of this garden can be traced back to the Dukes of Zweibrücken. Today, it’s a private park which has been made accessible to the public. Meander here in a landscape designed complete with swan pond, ruins and magnificent old trees.

Gardens for Peace in Bitche (F)

Idyllically situated at the foot of the citadel of Bitche, the Gardens for Peace from a connecting band between the citadel and the city. The gardens are a project supported within the framework of the initiative “Gardens without Borders”.

Flower Garden in Bexbach

Together with the mining museum, this garden is located within a cultivated park in the middle of the former industrial city Bexbach.

Kaiserslautern Garden Show

Since the State Garden Show 2000, this garden still remains today one of the main attractions of the region. The mixture of mountain and valley landscape makes this the special charm of the garden. Each part of the garden area lies within walking distance of the garden as a whole. The Dino Park with a large playground for children is one of the most beautiful of its kind.

Along the Baroque Road of the SaarPfalz

Visit four lively cities: These are the sites of the former residences of the Princes of Nassau-Saarbrücken, the Dukes of Palatinate Zweibrücken and Counts von der Leyen. Zweibrücken, Blieskastel, Ottweiler and Saarbrücken.

Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern

At approx. 13,500 square metres, the Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern is the largest Japanese garden in Europe. In close proximity to the city centre, an exotic garden paradise has emerged.

Gardens without Borders

Gardens in Germany, in France and in Luxembourg, gardens with tradition, gardens of the future, small gardens or extensive garden parks, these gardens not only reflect the spirit of these location but they also mirror the intention and passion of their creators.

The baroque garden in Roman environment in Schwarzenacker

A magnificent garden design as part of the Roman Open-Air Museum. Box-arabesques with decorative patterns and the images of two equestrian statues form the extraordinary framework structure for a Roman village.

Orangery Garden of the Imperial Countess Maria von der Leyen in Blieskastel

A circular fountain is the optical focal point of this small, fine baroque garden. Numerous shrubs and rose borders, climbers and artistically ball-cut locust trees form a baroque flowering splendour against the historical backdrop.

Rhododendron Park on the Estate at Lindenfels

In May and June, the estate at Lindenfels sinks into a sea of rhododendron flowers. However, in the other months as well the 10,000 square meter park has many delightful views and glimpses to offer.

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